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ARTICLE: Saoirse - The Irish Slaves & The Divide

Irish woman on displayOliver Cromwell, was responsible for initiating one of histories many great, and horrific genocides. Those too strong to waste on death, were sent off to slavery. To Jamestown Virginia, to Barbados, and Australia as well and many other islands used by the British Empire. Beginning in the early 1600's and ending as late as early 1800's - Britain was still shipping over their undesirables. With the last of them sent to Australia. As for this story, my story... Saoirse - I've taken historical events of that era and turned them into what I hope will be another unforgettable saga by yourse truly. The male lead in Saoirse is Maximilian Euan O'Shaughnessy, the leading lady, Pe'hor - Pegue-hormig-Negra better known as Pheybey. Filling out the story, various natives, Betak a leader, Askook, a friend, Adner a fello Irishmen. A few women, the native Miss Suzie, Miud, the Irish slave, Caer Aingel McLaren, the master, Hugone Robinson, overseers, Mr. Aubrey, Mr. Malachi, and the children, Immy, Tierney, Bea and others... so many characters, in such a big tale. Please find upon clicking on the link..."more" the Prelude and Chapter One... 

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  Who Am I

A lone observer of life. Blessed by a wonderful creator that I begged, "Please help me understand!" What? Life! And as my life events unfolded, He observed me and when I was ready, in so many ways I can't even begin to list them, he said, "Here... this is what you asked me for - let's see what you do with it." No, those weren't His exact words, but it's what I feel he said to me before he blessed me with the ablity to write. He gave me something, and I just know he did, so that I could express so vividly what so many men and women as they lived their lives with crazy dramatic events revealing a manifestation good and bad. It was happening all around me. Because I asked why - I had no choice but to write about what I've seen. Surrounding me were so many variations of cultures, races, and personalities - mine included - a make-up of many.

Who am I? I am Mercedes Keyes, and my goal is to be known as an author of quality interracial literature. Words I pray that make us all go, hmmm. I hate that we HATE each other. I really do. The world has cultivated this ingrediant that is so opposite to the one Our Maker used to make us all ... Love. While I write about love, it's surrounded by truth, events, contemporary and historical - things in life that others have written about - but not quite like me. I write my way - not with an English major in grammar - yes, mistakes a plenty - so I ask, where you find them forgive me - it is my hope, that the story grips you so - you'll let it slide.

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Publishing Novels & Coming Soon!

Favorite Youtube ir couples

FIVE IR Youtube couples that I enjoy. They make me smile when I need a bit of a break from writing. Hope you subscribe to their channel, follow them, and give'em a thumbs up. Also let them know, that I sent you... ;-)

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ASpi custom graphics

Yes, it's been a while coming. My second part plan for ASPI - to assist any author / blogger - especially a first timer to get what is needed to get their precious work published. ASPI will be ready to roll with an assortment of plans, tubes, ready-sets and templates at your disposal and no concerns over other authors having your exact same model.

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Novel ideas to come

As you all know, my head is filled with stories, but - I simply have no time to write them all, sooo.

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